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Newspaper Printing

– Size: A3 / A4 / 35×50
– Single Color or Color Printing
– 8/12/24 Pages
– Enzo, 1, pulp and coated paper

The quick and easy way to provide your customers with detailed information about the products of your workplace or the areas you serve is to own a fully appreciated newspaper and magazine.
magazines and newspapers that offer the possibility to examine your work in detail,
It enables them to read the information in the shortest and most concise way about expressing yourself clearly and accurately and bringing the name of your workplace to the fore.
Having a newspaper and magazine owner is very important for your workplace, because these printed publications, which can be viewed by both customer visits and business visitors, play a very important role in the promotion of your business.
As Matbaaev, we carefully print daily and weekly newspapers. . We use 2 state-of-the-art printing machines in each of our workplaces.
It should be the result of a careful effort from the cover of a high quality magazine to its name, from its advertisements to its staff. And printing house offers them to you in the most professional way.

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